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First we meet with clients to understand and identify their specific needs and property investment goals. RPA educates clients on the property investment process, assembles an expert team and, following extensive research, targets the right property to suit the client.

RPA has fostered solid long term alliances with licensed professionals in real estate, financial planning, financial services and property development to provide clients with a complete property investment solution. We are the intermediary that brings together the entire property investment team, and we only work with strategic partners whose principles are equally focused on exceptional client outcomes.

Our aim is to provide a clear and easy strategy tailored for each client’s unique circumstances. RPA selects the most affordable low risk portfolio with sound capital growth potential. This program is conducted on a one to one basis with RPA consultants and our panel of independent strategic partners who assist with:


You’re under no obligation to engage our services, but we’re confident that after speaking to our investment professionals at RPA, you’ll be keen to take the next step.

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