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Passion, Contribution, Inspiration.

RPA has been passionately involved in programs committed to building homes for people who are destitute in developing countries.

 We are currently partaking in a projects abroad, helping to transform lives and lift people out of abject poverty by providing shelter and other sustainable necessities.

 RPA is passionate about this cause. If we can help families in Australia realise their dream it’s time to take this act of kindness to those who really need it. A decent home is a necessity for every family in the world no matter what circumstance they are in and we are humbled to be providing this for unfortunate families in desperate need.

 RPA and its partner organisations realise that people’s homes are significant and meaningful places for individuals and their families. Our work is very closely related to homes and housing and to be able to have a positive impact like this in the wider global community is an opportunity that RPA is very excited about.


In addition to targeting the Philippines, this community program is also focused on India, Uganda and China.

We are currently putting together an information package that captures the essence of our contribution to this worthy program. Please ask us about it. We would love to get some more clients and partners involved.