Reap the benefits of your SMSF with the right advice

At many times in your life, you’ll seek a professional opinion. You’ll visit a doctor for a medical condition, an accountant for tax guidance and a lawyer for property planning advice.

So if you’re planning on running a self-managed super fund, it makes sense to seek expert advice to review your savings plan and help you build a superannuation strategy for retirement.

The ultimate aim when running your own SMSF is to deliver your fund members a reliable income in retirement, while ensuring you follow the Australian superannuation laws. An experienced advisor will make sure your money is invested in assets that will grow in value over time, and they’ll ensure you are maximising your tax advantages at the same time.

Who can give advice about self-managed super funds?

There’s a professional SMSF advisor for every aspect related to self-managing your super fund, including accountants, licensed financial advisors and lawyers.

At RPA, we put you in contact with the right people to take the stress out of managing your SMSF. Our superannuation experts will help you set up your SMSF and guide you every step of the way. You’ll learn how to:

Set up your SMSF
Make decisions about your SMSF’s compliance and reporting obligations
Consider the tax consequences of your SMSF investment decisions
Choose specific SMSF investments
Consider taking a pension or income stream

It’s also important to note that under Australian superannuation laws, you are legally required to appoint an approved auditor to conduct your SMSF annual audits. The financial audit checks that your funds are accurate, and the compliance audit checks that you are running your SMSF in accordance with Australian superannuation laws.

Good advice pays for itself. Whilst anyone can run their own super fund, a professional will set you up to maximise your returns on your SMSF. You’ll remain in control of your investment decisions, with an experienced professional by your side every step of the way. Contact RPA today for a free consultation with a superannuation professional to reap the benefits of your SMSF.

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