How long should you hold onto an investment property?

There’s really no such thing as a short-term investment. Property is one of the lowest risks of all major investment classes, but you need to be committed for the long-term to reap the benefits.

In our experience, when investors don’t achieve their real estate goals, it’s usually because they haven’t held on long enough. If you’re looking for long-term capital growth, holding onto your investment property is the best solution. With the right advice and a trained eye on your cash flow, you can maximise every dollar in your equity to ensure it’s working as hard as it can.

So how long should you hold onto your investment property?

There’s no hard and fast rule here, as there are so many factors to consider. But generally speaking, the longer you hold the better growth you will achieve.

As you learn more about the property market, you’ll begin to understand the cycle you have bought into and you’ll recognise the signs when it’s a good time to move in or out.

Some experts say never sell, advising property investors to leverage the growth in your property into another investment property. If you purchase good quality property in a high demand location, you will attract health rental returns which will enable a lucrative holding period over the long term.

As the saying goes, “the longer you hold, the luckier you get.” Talk to our property experts today for our opinion on the right time to sell your property.

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