Changing The Poverty Mindset

I speak with hundreds of people every year, from multi millionaire’s, start up entrepreneurs, Mums and Dads and everyday Australians who are just struggling to get by and pay rent from week to week.

I have noticed that there are some real differences between the people that take charge of their financial wealth strategy and those that will let it lapse until such time that they will need to be taken care of from the Government.

One of the big differences is that a lot of financially secure people actually know what they want, and they proactively find ways to prepare and plan to achieve that. They talk about it, visualise it, bring people towards them who can help them achieve it, and create actionable steps to make it happen.

More often than not, people who are not financially stable, or who are struggling to create wealth are taking advice and following in the path of generations before them.

I have heard the statement many times before….”if you want to be wealthy, why are you taking advice from someone who has not achieved that?”

To change the outcome, then you need to do things differently to put you on a different pathway.

Engaging professionals and specialists to assist you to prepare a strategy is crucial in getting the right information.

Engaging an experienced Finance Broker can really give you a great starting point to not only understand your current situation, but also to prepare and plan for the future.

In order to kickstart things along, this is a great first step.

Not only you will understand all your options, but you could also be paying a lot more than current market rates, and can save a lot of Money. In addition to that, if you are not in a position to invest right now, they can possible assist you to work on a plan to get into the right cash position.

So, start the journey today!

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