Partners with Residential Projects Australia

RPA works with the ‘best of the best’ team and affiliates from all around Australia. Our goal is to ensure that we can offer you not only great value to your clients but also to REWARD your business.

RPA provides the following to your clients:

  • . In Home appointments or at a location suitable for them
  • . Hand-picked properties with excellent capital growth potential
  • . Support from a team of professionals including brokers, solicitors and financial planners
  • . Statistical Approach to property selections
  • . A complete process with support and communication from acquisition to management of the property and beyond
  • . Property Investment Analysis reports
  • . RP Data and RESIDEX Reports
  • . FREE Membership to RPA including ongoing valuations and appraisals

RPA provides the following to your business:

  • . Rewards for referring your clients
  • . Value added opportunities
  • . Full Supporting documentation regarding property selections for your clients
  • . Up to date and ongoing communication regarding clients property selections
  • . Boutique’ educational style seminars on property investment

About Our ‘Boutique’ Seminar Series :

We find that the best way to add value to your business and ultimately your clients….is to invite clients to join us for an evening dedicated to understanding how property investment works.

We have systemised the entire process, so it makes it easy for you and also for your clients. We have everything from marketing emails and marketing to powerpoints which cover all the topics… all you need to do is to add your logo!

We like to provide clients with a well rounded approach to understanding property investment which includes the following:

  1. Understanding the TAX benefits associated with property investment
  2. Understanding loan structure and finance
  3. Benefits of property Investment

We normally organise these seminars with our affiliates to ensure that the client gets all the information required. This approach not only increases VALUE from your business perspective, but also provides the opportunity to learn all about Property Investment.

We never sell property in these seminars, it is purely educational. We believe that if we provide education and Value to a client, that they will come to speak to us in future about a potential property selection in the future.